Stephan Schmitz,

born 1968 in Remagen, grew up in Koblenz, Germany, until he was 10 years old. Through the transfer of his father, who served in the armed forces, he moved with his parents and his three siblings to the average mountain (Eifel), where he settled predominantly.

In a small family business, in which mainly stairs, windows and doors were made, he completed his education as a carpenter / joiner in 1989. He earned his money as a self-employed with the sale and installation of windows.

By the end of 2014, a knee injury had torn him out of his professional life for a year. As a result, in 2015, he began designing and building furniture for his family and friends from old timber in a small garage. Fascinated by the building material concrete, in combination with steel and wood, he also began to experiment with these materials. Unique, handmade tables, lamps, vases and other things were created with his own distinctive signature.

Since then he has been constantly developing new ideas. They arise in his head and are implemented without a plan or drawing.

He is inspired by the construction sites where he worked.

His years of experience and the insight into different types of work give him the opportunity to process and assemble several materials professionally.